Kindergarten Fundamental Movement Skills


Fundamental Movement Skills are an important part of child development. Children need to be able to develop skills that allow them to know where their body parts are without having to look at them (proprioception) and develop the ability to reach across the middle of their body (crossing the midline). These are important developmental skills needed for many everyday tasks such as writing, reading, putting on shoes and socks or hitting a ball with a bat. 
Our Kindergarten Fundamental Movement Skills program is based on the Animal Fun program by Sue McLaren. This is a unique program that is designed to improve motor skills and social skills in young children in a playful environment. It is a fun and inclusive program that caters to all ability levels, particularly assisting those who are having difficulty with their motor skills. The program covers gross and fine motor skills as well as social and emotional development. Each session the children are shown an animal card and explicitly taught how the animal moves. They are then encouraged to have a go themselves to practice the skill. The children come to recognise a picture of an animal on a card to remember the movement accordingly. By using their imagination, the children are engaged and can pretend to be the animal there by incorporating the actions and movements into their own play. Each card/activity helps to develop complex movements, develop appropriate technique for skills, strengthen muscles by targeting key muscle groups and improve body awareness. 


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