Physical Education at BPPS


Physical Education

At Bletchley Park Primary School all students from PP to Year Six  partake in physical education lessons with a specialist physical education teacher. Planning and learning are centred around the Western Australian Curriculum to ensure our students are developing and performing the appropiate skills for their age. Our direction and targets for improvement have been derived from connecting with the outcomes of Moving Our Body (ASCA) and programming FMS skills in junior primary and linking individual sports and game strategies with skills in upper years.

Our school celebrated several achievements in 2018 including

•         Winning for first time Interschool Cross Country Carnival

•         3rd year in row winning Interschool Athletics Carnival

•         Runners up in Dockers Cup girls football carnival

•         Students in Years 4/5 competed in Faction rugby tournament

•         Students in years 3 competed in Multi-sports tournament; cricket/netball/sofcrosse

•         Fitness club program for years 3-6 cohorts focused on core strength and cardio training

•         Runners Club program for students in interschool cross country team

•         Summer Carnival: 1st place for t-ball/2nd place sofcrosse

•         Winter Carnival: 2nd place in netball/ 1st place league tag rugby

Our approach to physical education lessons and sport is of an inclusive nature to maximise participation and focus on student centred-learning. Bletchley Park Primary played a significant role in co-ordinated the Bletchley Cup Tournament, an annual interschool carnival initiated by the school in 2016, for our students with special educational needs. In 2018  Forest Crescent PS, Mount Pleasant PS, Booragoon PS and Harrisdale PS joined the competition.



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