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Fundraising Activities and Events

BPPS Loose Change Challenge


Loose Change Challenge 2021 - Bring in all the loose change you can find - check the couch, the laundry, under the bed even! The class who raises the most per student will win a pizza party Challenge runs from Monday July 26th to Friday August 6th, 2021. Is your class up for the challenge?

Past Events

PJ Day - Thank you to all our students for all their gold coin donations, together we raised over $950. Some of these funds will now go towards the cost of inclusive apps for special needs students and an interactive fun track to develop fine and gross motor skills in our students.

Easter Market StallThank you to all our bakers, craft makers and school community for supporting our first ever Easter Market Stall at the end of last term. Together we raised over $2,950. Some of these funds will contribute towards additional days of service of our school chaplain for 2021.

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