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What is the P&C Association

Our P&C is a group of passionate and committed parents and community members who work together to improve our school and the school experience for our students. Our P&C is also a forum for discussion and the exchange of information between parents, the school and the school community.

At Bletchley Park Primary School, our P&C, with the help of many invaluable P&C members, volunteers and dedicated school staff, manages fundraising activities such as the Mother's and Father's Day Stalls and the annual disco and hosts a range of wellbeing initiatives alongside the school.

Why Join Our P&C?

There are plenty of reasons to join our P&C! Here are just a few of them:

  • Its a great way to get to know people in our school community.
  • You can hear directly from our school Principal and school Board representative, giving you insight into what's happening in the school and giving you an opportunity to ask questions.
  • You get to have your say; voting on how funds raised can have a positive impact on our school.
  • It provides the foundations for a stronger connection to our school and a network of people who care about our school now, and into the future. 

How Do I Join Our P&C?

To join our P&C, simply complete the membership form  and pay a contribution of $1.00 at our next meeting. As a member, you will receive all meeting related papers and other relevant information and may be required to vote at meetings. Members meet only four times per school calendar year (once a term).

If you aren't ready to join our P&C just yet but would still like to be involved in some of our fundraising activities or wellbeing initiatives, follow our Facebook to keep an eye out for calls for helpers.


Our 2021 P&C Office Bearers

President - Darren Warwick

Vice-President - Jenny Gay

Secretary - Vicky Warwick

Treasurer - Kylie McKivett

Fundraising Committee Coordinator - Paula Kontor

The Fathering Project Lead - Denis Coldham

Communications Liaison - Robyn Menzies-Moore & Jenny Gay

School Board Representative - Sen Ooi


Contact Us

All questions and enquiries can be emailed to and we will endeavour to respond as soon as we can.


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