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Colour Run - 2021

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We are pleased to announce that the students of Bletchley Park PS from Year One – Year Six will have the opportunity to participate in a Colour Run.

The main details are as follows:

Purpose: Whole school activity to build student spirit and a sense of pride in BPPS. Build on the already strong school culture. Strengthen a positive school learning environment. Reward positive student engagement and behaviour.

Date: Friday 15th October 2021, Week One of term Four (weather permitting)

Time: 1:30pm – 2:30 pm

Lunch will be shorter on this day (concluding at 1:20pm). Students will then walk down to the oval with their bags and lap card and assemble at their designated area. The colour run will run for approx. 40 minutes. Students will walk or slowly run as many laps as possible around the oval whilst going through four colour stations.

At the conclusion of the event all students will assemble in the middle of the oval with their own bag of coloured powder. Students on a signal will then throw this in the air (great photo opportunity).

Students will then return to their designated area to receive a free icy pole and collect their bag before being dismissed.

                                        Students will not be allowed back onto the school ground.

Year Levels: Year One – Year Six

Venue: School Oval

Sponsorship Forms: Attached to this note is a sponsorship form for your child to collect sponsors for the number of laps they complete on the day. Sponsors may also just make a donation instead of sponsoring individual laps. Please see the sponsorship form for detail of how to send the money to school.

Click this link for Sponsorship Form

*Please note, we do not encourage students to go ‘door knocking’ to collect sponsors. We encourage (with parent consent) for students to speak with family and friends to attain sponsorship.

Dress: Students will be encouraged to wear white or light coloured clothing to have the best effect of the colour run. They will be able to wear this to school on the day. The powder does wash out of clothes and is non allergenic.

End of Day: Students from Year 1-6 will be taking their bags to the oval. Students will be dismissed from the oval by their class teacher

Parents: Parents are more than welcome to attend and will need to stand around the outside of the oval behind the fences and limestone wall.

Click this link to download Map of the Oval 



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