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Whooping Cough - Confirmed Case

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A child who attends Bletchley Park PS in Kindy has been diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough). Below are the symptoms for whooping cough. If you are concerned that your child is displaying any of these symptoms in the next week you should consult your doctor.

What are the symptoms?

Whooping cough usually starts like a cold with a blocked or runny nose, tiredness, mild fever and cough. The cough typically gets worse and severe bouts of uncontrollable coughing can develop. Coughing bouts can be followed by vomiting, choking or taking a big gasping breath which causes a “whooping” sound. The cough can last for many weeks and can be worse at night.

Some newborns may not cough at all but they can stop breathing and turn blue. Some babies have difficulty feeding and can choke or gag.

Older children and adults may just have a cough that lasts for many weeks. Not every person makes the whooping sound – this is more common in non-immunised children. The cough may last up to 3 months, but the person is no longer infectious after 21 days (3 weeks).



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