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LA 31 Middle Assembly

Sep 01

Fathers Day Stall

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Fathers Day Stall

Sep 08

LA 1 Junior Assembly

Sep 14

Yr 3 Kings Park Excursion

Sep 15

LA 18 Middle Assembly

Sep 15

PP Hug a Teddy Day

Sep 22

LA 6 Junior Assembly

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Bletchley Park Primary School is situated in a new subdivision in Southern River and first opened in February 2008 with 190 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. In 2014 our enrolment exceeded 1000 students, falling back slightly below this number, with the departure of the Year 7 students to secondary school in 2015.                                                                                       

The ethos of our school is:
* a place of excellence where students can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, social and  emotional development.
* a safe, caring environment where students and adults feel valued as individuals.
* a place where values are promoted and students learn to respect themselves, others and their environment.
* a partnership between students, parents, staff and the community as a whole.


In 2009 our school was one of the first 34 state schools selected to become an Independent Public School. This has enabled the selection of quality staff who best meet the needs of the school.

Our specialist programs include music, physical education and science. We also operate two specialist classes for our more academically talented students.


Bletchley Park Primary School has been described as a school with a real community feel. It is a school that parents want to send their children to, and is a school in which teachers want to teach! 

What's in a name?

Originally established in the early 1950s as Dawson Stud Farm, in recent times it has been home to the celebrated racehorse, Bletchley Park, which inspired the name for the estate. Go back in history and there was also the famous Bletchley Park just outside London, where wartime code-breakers worked to crack the Enigma machine.